Monday, 30 December 2019

Overcoming Adversity - by Brielle

My challenge I Did was staying at my aunties place for 2 to 3 nights I didn't want to leave her because i loved her like i do with my parents. I enjoyed spending time with her and my parents.

My mum:
My mum went through a tough time when my granddad passes away she couldn't stop thinking about him because when ever she talks to anyone of our family member she try's not to cry. But I love her.

My Dad:
Is just like my mum  because he lost his parents when  I was a baby so i couldn't get to meet them face to face so that was sad that i couldn't Meet them so I miss them and feel sorry for my mum and dad.

Apple vs Microsoft - by Brielle

Real Madrid C.F - Real Madrid was first named ' Madrid Club de Futbal '. Real   wears white because they believe that there was a legend behind the white shirt. They are also one of the top team in a football league in Spain named Laliga.                                                                          Image Attribution:  


Day 2: Cracking the code, Through careful Observation - By Brielle

In this picture

1.I see Houses and Clouds
2.I See a church
3. The yellow moon and stars
4.Black fire
5.Mountains and hills

Friday, 27 December 2019

Influencers - by Brielle

If I had a chance of making my own my YouTube channel it would be about HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT.
 chose this problem because in some parts of New Zealand, people are polluting the ocean, and lands that makes climate change. I also chose this problem because, when people are polluting the fish will die and animals flying or walking will also die. That is why in my video I will encourage those people to pick up rubbish along the beaches and native forests. 

World wide web-By Brielle

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Day 5: Humanitarian Heroes - Everyday heroes - by Brielle

I would help those people who are struggling in work like my parents I would help my parents and those people who are struggling if i had enough money.

Celebrating Diversity - by Brielle


1. The first people that lived in Australia was called Aboriginal.
2. They lived over 50,000 years.


1. One of their main religion is Christian.
2. One of their main languages is Motu English.

Day 4: Indigenous Rights - Guiding Principles - by Brielle

Belle the ball-By Brielle

I like this book because there is adventure and I like magic. 

Review of the book:

A young boy named Harry Potter lived with his uncle and aunties place. Then one day they moved into a lighthouse so that Harry Potter doesn't get any mail from a school called Hogwarts. One night a huge giant man broke the front door of their lighthouse. Harry woke up in a shock. The giant said that his name is Hagrid that works in a magic school, Hogwarts. He took Harry to Hogwarts to learn spells and poisons. But first Harry has to buy wands, spell and poison books, and his own pet. Harry got money from a wizards bank, Gringotts. After that he went to London's train station with Hagrid, his ticket said that the train is on platform 9 3/4. He was confused, but he had help with some kids and a mum that was going to platform 9 3/4 as well. He was on the platform and made 2 friends on the train. There was so many kids on the Hogwarts train. When they arrived, they went inside the school, went inside the main hall and was sorted by a sorting hat, that will sort them into their houses. The houses were Grifindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Harry and his 2 friends Hermione ( Girl ) and Ron
( Boy ) was sorted and their house was Grifindor. The greatest professor of Hogwarts said that if someone does anything great, they earn point, but if they do anything bad, they loose points.

Harry went through tough times in this book, like he played his first Quidich match. The 1st years never had a chance playing Quidich, but when he found out that someone was about to steel something that belongs inside the school - Philosopher Stone, Harry and the 2 friends went to save the day, They went through 3 headed dogs, they went through a weird plant that kills you if you do not relax. If you do, then they take you down to the floor and you survive. But Ron had a problem with that. And the final test was to play chess. Ron sacrificed himself so that only Harry could keep going. Then Harry knows that one of the teachers, Professor Quirell tried to steel the stone. 

Leading by example - by Brielle

Once, I helped my dad to pack up the stuff for washing. I got a reward after that. But the great thing is, I helped my dad. I really felt good.

Another person is I helped was my mum. I helped her by vacuuming the house, washing the dishes and hanging the clothes(sometimes). I felt great after helping my mum

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Monday, 23 December 2019

Jacinda Ardern-By Brielle

Dear Jacinda Ardern

I have a problem. My problem is about the people cutting down trees. The trees provide us oxygen and people are cutting it down. Not just trees that other people bring from other countries but New Zealand's native trees, like Kauri tree for example. If people cut down the trees then the Maori people will never let people cut down any trees. They will be very angry and disappointed. I also think that cutting down trees is a bad idea because, you are also destroying the birds that live on the trees. The trees shouldn't be cutting down because it is God's creation. 
Cutting down trees are OK for building houses, but cutting down too much trees, we will have less oxygen, less shelter and no homes for the birds and other animals that lives on trees.

I chose this problem because it is effecting our environment. It is also effecting us.

Dr Jessa Rogers - by Brielle

Jessa was only 25 years old when she won the award. I solved this problem like this:

Born on: 7 of April 1985

Received award on: 9 of July 2010

25 years, 3 months and 2 days.

I solved this problem by counting on by 10's from 1985 - 2010.

A long walk to freedom - by Brielle

Dear diary

This prison has so many gratifies, and it also smells like pee. It is very hard to sleep at night, and I have to wake up early in the morning because of the smell. The prison I am staying has a window but it is too small. I think they used a small  window so that the prisoners won't escape. But the window is half open. I only eat lunch before 12:00 pm. I do not eat breakfast. My breakfast is my lunch. I only have a sandwich, and that is the only time I get to eat a day. 

I hope I get out of this prison.

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School strike for climate - by Brielle

These are the 3 things I learned from the website:

1. The government in Australia are not doing anything about climate change.

2. The school is going on strike about the climate change.

3. They sacrifice their education for this problem.

Week 2: Day 1: Taking the lead - Playing favourites-By Brielle

These are my 5 favourite things to do:

1. My favourite thing to do is to hang around with my family.

2. Hang out with my parents and family

3. My other favourite thing is to go see my Auntie and spend time with her

4.Finally my last favourite thing is chilling out on my couch with my parents

Friday, 20 December 2019

Jessica Watson-By Brielle

Jessica Watson navigated some of the world’s most remote oceans and survived seven knockdowns and 210 days alone at sea to become the youngest person to sail solo, nonstop around the world, aged 16. On completion of the voyage, Jessica was met by the then Prime Minister who declared her an Australian hero.

Her impacted on her work was to be a sailor to circle the globe solo non-stop She was 16 when she wanted to do that and that is her impact on her work

Day5: Against the odds - National treasure - by Brielle

The 3 things I treasure are:

1. My Family - Because if I am bored I can play with my family and cousins.

2. My mum and dad - Because they are important to me than anything else.

3. My Love and spirit - Because without the support I wouldn't be able to show love and spirit.

Swimming to safety - by Brielle

In Syria there was a young girl named Yusra Mardini. When she was young, she was too scared to get into the pool while other kids swam, playing in the pool, she walks to the deep end of the pool and looks at the water. Her dad trained her and her sister to swim like a pro. At times she was winning competitions. When Yusra swam, she felt like she is in a different world. 

When Yusra was 13 Syrians wanted the government to have Democracy but the President of Syria didn't want. Then it became a CIVIL WAR. People were dying. Yusra and her neighbours have machine guns. Yusra's swimming training center was destroyed. She  has no place to swim anymore. Yusra's family was scared and lived in fear. 

At the age of 14, Yusra found a way to escape. It was too dangerous to escape the city. But it was also dangerous staying in the city. Yusra begged her parents to escape. But they said no because it was to dangerous. Especially for her little sister. They had to wait for the war to be over. Then the bombing reached their neighbour hood and their house was destroyed. 

Two of Yusra's cousins planned a long and dangerous trip to Europe and asked to take Yusra and her older sister with them.  So Yusra and her sister went with their cousins. She left with some clothes, a phone and cash to pay the smugglers so that she could go through any countries, because Syrians are not allowed to be in other countries. 

First they flew to one of the cities in Lebanon, then to one of the cities in Turkey.  After that, they began one of the dangerous leg of their journey. Yusra and her sister hid with the group in the woods next to the beach to check if the sea is calm and to avoid the Turkish guard. The smugglers led them into a small boat and pushed them out to sea. But as soon as they left, the Turkish guard caught them and forced them back to shore.  

Worth her Weight in Gold-By Brielle

Attribute Image-Tongatapu   Wikipedia

Thursday, 19 December 2019

What's in my name-By Brielle

Brielle. The name Brielle means God Is My Strength and is of French origin. Brielle is a name that's been used by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Short form of the name Gabrielle.

Day 4: Individual Peruits - Making a racket - by Brielle

Serina Williams and Venus Williams are women that fights so that women have the rights to play tennis. Serina Williams is the 1st highest paid woman in the 2017 while Venus is on 5th place. But she is the one of the highest paid athlete in 2017. Serina and Venus's father supported them and helped them to be what they are today.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Questions for Steven Adams-By Brielle

What do you do as warm ups?

How do dunk?

How many players are in your team?

What do you like about basketball?

do you like playing Basketball

Sir Edmund Hillary-By Brielle

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person to climb mount Everest with his friend Tenzing Norgay he was born on 20 July 1919 he sadly died on January 11th 2008 He was a New Zealand  mountaineer. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II after reaching the top of Mount Everest Sir Edmund Hillary was 6 feet and 5 inches tall.

His Education was at Auckland Grammar school and went to The university of Auckland the hikers are often called trampers in new Zealand.

SPCA-By Brielle

Spca helps animals and they put them in a little cage that has a blanket on the ground and they really like pets but they don’t like it when they see pets or kittens that have been abandoned or left on the doorstep.

Superhero for a day-By Brielle

I am a superhero for a day when someone was crying so i went to go help that person that was crying so i asked "What happened" then she said They won't let me have a turn kicking the ball so I said did you use your  I statement she said no so I went over to the people that was playing soccer I said can you let this girl have turn to kick the ball and they said yes.

So they gave the ball to her and they said sorry fro not giving you a turn and that was my superhero of the day.

Neil Armstrong-By Brielle

Neil Armstrong was born on August 5th 1930 Engineering was one of his degrees 
In the united air force Leaving the military he became a test pilot A famous Astronaut   Rocket Science his middle name is Alden

Miracle on Hudson-By Brielle

Last year in kindergarten I was playing with bubble's and then I went to go climb up this ladder and i fell down because my hands were slippery from the liquid so i had to scream as loud as i can or cry as loud so when the teacher got me They laid me on the couch inside because i was outside and when i look at my leg it was a split cut on my leg so my dad came.

I know my dad is the bravest because he has to wake up early that day in the morning for my family to see me at hospital 
I was really in pain so when my family came my pain went away and they dropped someone off to come spend the night at the hospital

My mum is one of the bravest people ever I saw because she goes to to work far away from where we live. She works hard  She also goes to work early just depends on what she is doing in the morning.

This is where my family come from-By Brielle

This is my country and where i am from And the name New Zealand comes from zeeland which  relates to sealand in dutch

Image result for new zealand

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

All About Auckland City Mission-By Brielle



Auckland City Mission is a Charity for many things like crisis services, homeless services , elderly services , distribution services, Drug and alcohol services, health services and home ground, Auckland City Mission helps people who are  desperate in need. 

Interviewing 3 people of what they are proud of-By Brielle

Angelina-Proud of mom
Aleenah- Feels sad because of 1 cousin because she lost 1 family member
Augustine is proud to play guitar and playing sports

Jean Batten and Amelia Earhart (Venn Diagram):By Brielle (SLJ)

Naiona Thompson-By Brielle

This man helped orchestrate around the world to tech us about planet earth. In June 2017 naiona and a team of Crew members including sciences and adventures returned home port on Oahu.Naiona Thompson Is a navigator he was born 11 march 1953 age 66 years in Hawaii.

He is best known as the first Hawaiian to practice the ancient Polynesian art of navigation since the 14th century he's education was at university of Hawaii at Manoa and went to Punahou school. he also got's 1 sibling that is Lita Blankenfeld and his parents was myron know as "Pinky" Thompson.

Monday, 16 December 2019

My pepeha-By Brielle

No Pangaru ahau

Ko Tokatoka te Maunga

 Ko Kaipara te awa

KO Denise toku mama

Ko Hohepa taku papa

Ko Brielle taku ingoa

Summer learning journey day 1-By Brielle

Lorde was born on 7th November 1996.
She is a New Zealand singer and her birth name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich - O'Connor.
Ella (Lorde) was born in Takapuna,Auckland.
Lorde was also part of the the Belmont Intermediate school band Extreme where her band came third and battle the bands.

\Taika Waititi is a New Zealand director. when he was a young boy he was a dancer.
He is also a Acter but his career started in film making. He was born on August 16th 1975 and is now 44 years.
Roald Dahl is a British novelist  and he wrote many stories in a little shed.
Roald Dahl wrote for four hours every single day. He was also a pilot in World WarII.
Roald Dahl was born in Wales but his parents are Norwegian

Why Female's Need To Be Treat Like The Same As Male's (Sport) : From Brielle

In sport's Female's(NZ black ferns )don't get payed the same as the amount as men,  I think that women should be payed the money there suppose to have and things should be fair to female's. 

Were are all the same know one is different were all human,even if some male's( all blacks) might be better than some female's( NZ black ferns) they worked so hard, NZ black ferns should get there right amount of pay.

List of ten food items while at sea-By Brielle

Fruit (Berries and strawberries)
Sandwiches (Salad and ham)
Lots of water 

Burgers (Homemade)

The new impossible burger and original burger by Brielle

Jane Goodall-By Brielle

Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall was once a  farm girl waiting for hens to lay eggs, but is now an inspiration to people from the National Geographic Society. She was also known with her friendship with Chimpanzees and how she assigned to study about them in Tanzania.

She did her own film about looking after animals which s produced by National Geographic Society which spread the word on her amazing work that she has been doing with the animals and chimpanzees. While she was researching she found some interesting facts on  Chimpanzees and humans but chimpanzees seemed quieter than people.

After her research was done, Jane declared that Gombe, home of the chimpanzees, was now a reserve area. Goodall Went around Africa sharing the fact of chimpanzees and their effects on us humans. 

Summer learning journey-By Brielle

Learning Intention:I am learning to Explain what these mean

Who is Rajasthan?
Rajasthan (Rajendra) His real name has devoted to solve the water problems in his country and also the water is covering the earth and land,the water level is 97.5%.

When did the rubber hit the road?
When the rubber hits the road it meets the road but the solid on the rubber because when the rubber will hit the road it may need some adapting.

When did Christopher columbus get famous?

Christopher Columbus was born 1421 in Genoa Italy he has 4 siblings sadly he died 20 may 1506 he was buried in Spain because that is where he died.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Why dogs make better pets than cats-By Brielle

I think dogs make better pets than cats. Dogs can save people's
lives,It would be very cool to have one of these pets or one of the
dogs. Another reason is Dogs don't have sharp nails and I like
how dogs like you and come up to you and lick you on your face.

Dogs can sense who their owners are and some dogs understand what the owner is saying but some dogs don't know what they are saying. Dogs can protect you cats just go and and find a place to hide and if the owner will go and find the cat the cat will run and will find another hiding spot. If there owners are in big trouble or feeling down the dogs will cheer the owners or owner up.

Also dogs will bark at the door if someone will knock on the door. Cats they just sit and just stare at the door and when the person comes in the cat will just stare,Because dogs keep  guarding their homes, burglars get scared away and don't want to steal things from that house.

Some might argue that dogs stink but cats don't. Sometimes dogs roll in smelly things or eat food that makes them smell bad. Dogs are a lot of fun when you bathe them and they play with the towels, but cats hate water so you cant bathe them. I still believe cats are better than dogs. 

So,these reasons explain why dogs are better pets than cats.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Saint Maximilian Kolbe-By Brielle

200 Jewish people was involved for the Nazi persecution.
Saint Maximilian Kolbe was arrested by the German army for a different Nazi persecution. One day, it was time for the nazi to choose a person for persecution.They chose a man who pleaded for his life, but Saint Maximilian Kolbe loved them all as neighbours so he decided to take his place.The other nazi's disagreed but later they just let it go.
Saint Maximilian Kolbe went through his DEATH. 

Friday, 23 August 2019

How to make a peanut butter and jam sandwich-By Brielle

You'll need 
peanut butter
plate if you want it

Step 1-You would like to grab your plate and get a bread out of the packet or bag and put the bread on your plate.

Step 2-Get your knife and get your butter and open up the the butter and put butter on the knife and spread it on your bread.

Step 3-After you have did that get your peanut butter and do what you did with the butter open the peanut butter lid and spread it on your bread also get your jam and do the same thing

Step 4-After you spread the peanut butter and jam on the bread you would like to get another bread and put it on top of the other  bread


Friday, 12 April 2019

The water cycle-By Brielle

L-I-use the writing process to refine our writing.
The water cycle has 4 stages there are: Evaporation,condensation,precipitation,Collection.
Collection: This is when water falls from clouds as rain,snow hail or sleet and collects in the oceans,rivers,lakes,streams. Water on land may flow into a body of water of water or become groundwater,when water falls back to earth a precipitation it may fall back in the oceans,lakes or rivers or it may end up on land. Evaporation: Is the action by which water changes from a liquid to a gas or steam. Studies have shown that the oceans,seas,lakes and rivers give nearly 90 percent of the water in the earth traveling evaporation,with 10 percent being caused by plant systems. Condensation is action by which smells in the air is changed into liquid water. Condensation is important to the water cycle because it is responsible for the formation of clouds water together in the spray from are order more method than in liquid water, precipitation. Precipitation is water free from clouds in the form of rain freezing rain,sleet,snow or hail.It is the primary relationship in the water cycle that give for the transport of earth water to the earth. Most precipitation falls as rain. that's why the water cycle does not stop  it keep single and going. By Brielle

Friday, 1 February 2019

The iron man-By Brielle

Learning Intention:We are learning to identify the main Ideas within the text.

During this week we read the first chapter of the iron man.We talked about how he looks like and what the second chapter will be and I’m  excited for the next chapter also his head his like a dustpan his eyes were blazing in colourful colours and also I just want to add up to this his eyes also is big and We know that he lost a ear and I hope that he finds it because it fell off his face. He was all alone that is it in my brain.