Friday, 29 November 2019

Why dogs make better pets than cats-By Brielle

I think dogs make better pets than cats. Dogs can save people's
lives,It would be very cool to have one of these pets or one of the
dogs. Another reason is Dogs don't have sharp nails and I like
how dogs like you and come up to you and lick you on your face.

Dogs can sense who their owners are and some dogs understand what the owner is saying but some dogs don't know what they are saying. Dogs can protect you cats just go and and find a place to hide and if the owner will go and find the cat the cat will run and will find another hiding spot. If there owners are in big trouble or feeling down the dogs will cheer the owners or owner up.

Also dogs will bark at the door if someone will knock on the door. Cats they just sit and just stare at the door and when the person comes in the cat will just stare,Because dogs keep  guarding their homes, burglars get scared away and don't want to steal things from that house.

Some might argue that dogs stink but cats don't. Sometimes dogs roll in smelly things or eat food that makes them smell bad. Dogs are a lot of fun when you bathe them and they play with the towels, but cats hate water so you cant bathe them. I still believe cats are better than dogs. 

So,these reasons explain why dogs are better pets than cats.