Monday, 30 December 2019

Overcoming Adversity - by Brielle

My challenge I Did was staying at my aunties place for 2 to 3 nights I didn't want to leave her because i loved her like i do with my parents. I enjoyed spending time with her and my parents.

My mum:
My mum went through a tough time when my granddad passes away she couldn't stop thinking about him because when ever she talks to anyone of our family member she try's not to cry. But I love her.

My Dad:
Is just like my mum  because he lost his parents when  I was a baby so i couldn't get to meet them face to face so that was sad that i couldn't Meet them so I miss them and feel sorry for my mum and dad.

Apple vs Microsoft - by Brielle

Real Madrid C.F - Real Madrid was first named ' Madrid Club de Futbal '. Real   wears white because they believe that there was a legend behind the white shirt. They are also one of the top team in a football league in Spain named Laliga.                                                                          Image Attribution:  


Day 2: Cracking the code, Through careful Observation - By Brielle

In this picture

1.I see Houses and Clouds
2.I See a church
3. The yellow moon and stars
4.Black fire
5.Mountains and hills

Friday, 27 December 2019

Influencers - by Brielle

If I had a chance of making my own my YouTube channel it would be about HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT.
 chose this problem because in some parts of New Zealand, people are polluting the ocean, and lands that makes climate change. I also chose this problem because, when people are polluting the fish will die and animals flying or walking will also die. That is why in my video I will encourage those people to pick up rubbish along the beaches and native forests. 

World wide web-By Brielle

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Day 5: Humanitarian Heroes - Everyday heroes - by Brielle

I would help those people who are struggling in work like my parents I would help my parents and those people who are struggling if i had enough money.

Celebrating Diversity - by Brielle


1. The first people that lived in Australia was called Aboriginal.
2. They lived over 50,000 years.


1. One of their main religion is Christian.
2. One of their main languages is Motu English.