Friday, 9 April 2021

Station Of The Cross 2021- By Brielle

 On The 1st of April Year 7 & Year 8’s had Stations of the Cross. Stations of the Cross is like a story of Jesus who had to carry the cross and would go station by station showing his final days. We do the Station of the Cross to remind us how important Jesus is, and why he died on the cross. 

We had 5 rehearsals which were exhausting but fun. When It was time to perform we had to act our role of being the people of Jerusalem and watching Jesus getting nailed to the cross.

I most enjoyed was Changing into the outfits, I loved how other people’s costumes turned out. When Jesus (Augstine) Came to the 4th Station I had to act sad and help to comfort Mary (Giselle) when she needed some comfort and support. When it came up to Station 10 Jesus’ cloak was ripped off. Station 14 was Me/Mary’s Friend and Giselle\Mary going up to the stage and thinking about the good times that we had with Jesus. Overall this act we did was really fun and interesting!!           

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