Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Writing prompt-Brielle

This morning I had to describe How these 2 girls would feel before they got taped! The Sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun Shining above our heads! 2 girls were having their beauty sleep as they heard footsteps going past their door! 

Luna-‘’Hey’’ (Whispers Luna)

Emma-’’Yes Luna’’ (Whispers Emma)

Luna-’’There’s Guys here! Are they here to fix something or is it just mum & dad getting ready for work”

Emma-’’I think so too So we should Just go back to sleep and I was in a good dream! About me opening Presents ’’

When they were putting their heads on their soft pillows! They heard screaming! 

Luna-’’I’m going out there to see what is going on’’

Emma- ‘’Don’t Maybe what those screams are about! It means It’s not safe! So Don’t’’

Luna- ‘’I’m Just going to peak my head out the door’’

As she started to peek her head out the door she got pulled by the arms by some random man And that is when the 2 girls' minds got blacked out! 


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